has sponsored the creation of 3 pickleball courts in Arusha, Tanzania
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Recent donations

Thank you for supporting, a project supporting Elimu Yetu Development Organization in Arusha, Tanzania.
Your donations enable us to fulfill our mission to offer free education to children, youth and adults in Tanzania.
We invite you to get involved and join our global learning community here on, so you can connect with other people around the world who value education, discuss books, and see how your donation is being used.
Book Drive

We need your favorite books in our library! Share your reading lists and donate books wherever you are.


Partner with us to start, grow, or digitize your own community library, host a book drive, or sponsor a school in Africa.

For Donors

Track and promote your book in our library and discuss it with new readers.

We depend on generous donors like you to continue to serve the community.
Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about Elimu Yetu and ask if they have anything to contribute. We accept financial and in-kind contributions of all types. We are currently seeking donations of:
School supplies
Sports equipment, games and toys
Computers, laptops and tablets
The most valuable thing you can donate is your time. Elimu Yetu is currently seeking volunteers to teach all subjects and mentor students of all ages. You do not need to have a teaching credential or know English. If you have a skill or talent to teach, please come join our community and share it with others.

Contributor's Bill of Rights

To be informed of how your donation is being used to further our mission of offering free education to children and youth and adults in Tanzania.
To participate in our online learning community.
To receive public recognition for your gift on, or have your name and image removed from the donation page if you prefer to remain anonymous.
To visit Elimu Yetu Library in Arusha Tanzania and be invited to special donor recognition events.
To become an Elimu Yetu Library Member, enroll in free classes, and borrow books.
To ask questions about how your donation is being used and receive prompt and truthful answers.
To receive an official certificate and receipt recognizing your donation and qualifying you to receive tax benefits in Tanzania.
To share your opinions freely and advise Elimu Yetu leaders on how to improve the library.