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László Polgár is a Hungarian psychologist who believes that “genius is made not born.” He decided to test his theory by running an experiment to raise his three daughters to be geniuses. They didn’t go to school. When she was four years old, his eldest daughter discovered a chess board in the house, and László began to teach her. Within 6 months, she was winning against adults. After a year, she beat her father. All three daughters became chess prodigies, traveling to international championships. One was the best female chess player in the world and another took second place. Through László Polgár’s experiment we learn that all children have great potential if only we invest in them.

  • "It is very important that the child likes what they are doing; only then will it be possible to inspire a long period of fruitful labor."
  The fact that I did not send my daughters to school is, of course, connected to the fact that I hold an unfavorable opinion of it. I criticize contemporary schools because they do not educate for life, they equalize everyone to a very low level, and in addition, they do not tolerate the talented and those who diverge from the average.
  Let us take this step by step, and start with your first remark: schools do not educate for life. Is the old Latin saying “One learns not for the sake of school, but of life” pointless?
  Contemporary schools are separate from real life in that they function sort of as laboratories. There is no link with domestic or political or local public life or the everyday cares of living one’s life on the one hand, and school on the other.
  My daughters, who have never visited a school, grew up much more in the context of real life. Contemporary schools do not promote a love of learning. They do not inspire to great achievements; they raise neither autonomous people nor communally-oriented ones...
  The teacher cannot “tailor” the study material for most of the students’ individual needs. So, they cannot make each child work to their potential. Too often they must make the whole class mechanically repeat more or less identical tasks.”
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Kumsomea mtoto wako kila siku kuna faida nyingi. Inaweza kuboresha ustadi wa lugha wa mtoto wako, kuongeza msamiati wake, na kukuza kupenda kusoma. Inaweza pia kusaidia kuboresha umakini na umakini wa mtoto wako, na inaweza kuwa na athari chanya kwenye mawazo na ubunifu wao. Zaidi ya hayo, kumsomea mtoto wako kunaweza kuwa njia nzuri ya nyinyi wawili kushikana na kutumia wakati mzuri pamoja.

Hapa Maktaba tunawahimiza wazazi kuwasomea watoto wao kila siku. Ifuatayo ni orodha ya sababu kuu za kuifanya kuwa tambiko:

1. Ustadi wa lugha ulioboreshwa: Kumsomea mtoto wako kunawaweka wazi kwa anuwai ya maneno na miundo ya lugha, ambayo inaweza kusaidia kuboresha ukuaji wao wa lugha na ustadi wa mawasiliano.
2. Kuongezeka kwa msamiati: Mtoto wako anapokusikiliza ukisoma, atajulishwa maneno na dhana mpya ambazo huenda hajakutana nazo katika maisha yake ya kila siku. Hii inaweza kusaidia kuongeza msamiati wao na kupanua uelewa wao wa ulimwengu.
3. Kupenda kusoma: Kumsomea mtoto wako kutoka umri mdogo kunaweza kusaidia kukuza upendo wa kudumu wa kusoma. Hii inaweza kuwa ya manufaa hasa katika enzi ya kidijitali, ambapo watoto wengi wana uwezekano mkubwa wa kutumia muda wao kwenye skrini kuliko kusoma vitabu.
4. Ukazaji bora na muda wa usikivu: Kumsomea mtoto wako kunaweza kusaidia kuboresha umakini na muda wa usikivu, kwani inawahitaji kusikiliza na kuzingatia kwa muda mrefu.
5. Mawazo na ubunifu ulioimarishwa: Mtoto wako anaposikiliza hadithi, ataweza kufikiria matukio na wahusika katika macho yao ya akili. Hii inaweza kusaidia kuchochea mawazo yao na ubunifu.
6. Muda wa kuunganishwa na ubora: Kumsomea mtoto wako kunaweza kuwa njia nzuri kwa ninyi wawili kutumia wakati mzuri pamoja. Inaweza kuwa shughuli ya kupumzika na ya kufurahisha ambayo inaweza kusaidia kuimarisha uhusiano wako na kuboresha uhusiano wako.
Updated ~1mo ago
Reading to your child every day has many benefits. It can improve your child's language skills, increase their vocabulary, and foster a love of reading. It can also help to improve your child's concentration and attention span, and can even have a positive effect on their imagination and creativity. Additionally, reading to your child can be a great way for the two of you to bond and spend quality time together. Here at Maktaba we encourage parents to read to their children daily.

Below is a list of the top reasons to make it a ritual:

  1. Improved language skills: Reading to your child exposes them to a wide range of words and language structures, which can help to improve their language development and communication skills.
  2. Increased vocabulary: As your child listens to you read, they will be introduced to new words and concepts that they may not have come across in their everyday life. This can help to increase their vocabulary and broaden their understanding of the world.
  3. Love of reading: Reading to your child from a young age can help to develop a lifelong love of reading. This can be especially beneficial in the digital age, where many children are more likely to spend their time on screens than with books.
  4. Better concentration and attention span: Reading to your child can help to improve their concentration and attention span, as it requires them to listen and focus for extended periods of time.
  5. Enhanced imagination and creativity: As your child listens to stories, they will be able to imagine the scenes and characters in their mind's eye. This can help to stimulate their imagination and creativity.
  6. Bonding and quality time: Reading to your child can be a great way for the two of you to spend quality time together. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can help to strengthen your bond and improve your relationship.
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Tovuti inapaswa kuwa haraka sana sasa, tuliboresha seva na kuboresha msimbo. 

Wiki chache zilizopita tumefikia kiwango kipya cha juu katika suala la idadi ya watumiaji wanaounda akaunti mpya na kutumia tovuti. 

Pia tumefikia rekodi mpya kuhusu trafiki kutoka kwa injini za utafutaji Mwisho, tumerahisisha kupenda machapisho Mapendekezo yoyote mengine ya vipengele vipya ambayo ungependa kuona?
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The site should be a lot faster now, we upgraded the servers and optimized the code.

The past few weeks we have reached a new high in terms of number of users both creating new accounts and using the site.

Also we have reached a new record in terms of traffic from search engines

Lastly, we have made it easier to like posts

Any other suggestions for new features that you would like to see?

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Thank you for donating 2 books
These books are on their way to new readers at Elimu Yetu Library. Follow their journey by viewing the book profiles on
  1. Start Something That Matters
  2. Hatuhitaji Maji: We Don't Need Water
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