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New announcements
Site optimization
Worked all week on speeding up the site. Many pages were timing out, the homepage had some issues loading. Now most everything loads quickly again...enjoy downloading and discussing books.
Updated 8 months ago
Reading lists
Reading lists are books that have been grouped together by a user. Anyone can browse reading lists and add books they'd like to read to their personal "I want to read."
What's new?
Browse book reading lists curated by our team
Updated 10 months ago
Reading groups
Group feature to facilitate discussions, book clubs and newsletters
What's new?
Check out our groups and considering joining
Updated 10 months ago
Browse and search for content
General browsing and searching features
What's new?
Browse by language, tag or book type (for example, filter by free PDFs)
Search has been expanded to include posts, tags and reading lists
Search speed has been improved
Updated 10 months ago
Book collections
Collections highlight books with two overlapping tags. They are an excellent discovery tool for finding new books, in addition to searching, browsing, filtering by tag or reading articles highlighting books.
What's new?
Browse our book collections
Updated 10 months ago
Promote tools
Invite people to use the site. Share posts and books.
What's new?
1. Click the share link on any book page
2. Share any books on your reading lists through the promote tools

Note: The promote tools are available to a select group of testers. Contact us if you would like to try these out.
Updated 10 months ago
Send and receive messages from people you are connected to
What's new?
1. Notifications are now sent with each message
2. Updated the email to send in the user's language (either English or Swahili)
3. Added a header to the email
Updated 10 months ago