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Pages 259
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Reflecting on Phase I and Entering Phase II
Publisher: E & D Vision Pub. en
This book is the firth in a series of book from the LOITASA (Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa) project (Brock- Utne et all 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). This book reflects the work done in the first two years of the second phase of the project. For four books we have planned in this phase.Most of the Chapters in this book were first presented as papers at the LOITASA workshop, at the University of Oslo on the 30th of April and 1st of May 2008. The start and progress of a language of instruction research project in Africa : the spirit of Bagamoyo /Harold D. Herman --A review of the literature on the language of instruction research in Tanzania /Martha Qorro --Language in education policies and practices among two isiXhosa speaking schools in the Western Cape, South Africa /Zubeida Desai and Birgit Brock-Utne --IsiXhosa as a medium of instruction in science teaching in primary education in South Africa : challenges and prospects /Vuyokazi Nomlomo --Revisiting the language policy in Tanzania : a comparative study of geography classes taught in Kiswahili and English /Mwajuma Vuzo --Overcoming the language barrier : an in-depth study of the strategies used by Tanzania secondary science teachers and students in coping with the English-Kiswahili dilemma /Halima Mwinsheikhe --Going through the motions of learning : classroom interaction in Tanzania /Casmir M. Rubagumya --Why has the language of instruction policy in Tanzania been so ambivalent over the last forty years? /Moshi Mussa Kimizi --"English is not our mother land" : anecdotal discussions and views on the language question in Tanzania /F.E.M.K. Senkoro --Tanzanian cartoonists "among most free in Africa" : Monday, Jan. 1, 2001 /Henry Lyimo --Developing digital literacy in higher education in Tanzania -- in whose language? /Torill Aagot Halvorsen --Language implications of implementing information and communication technology in classrooms in the Western Cape, South Africa /Greta Bjork Gudmundsdottir --Translating mathematical text for mother tongue teaching and learning of mathematics /Monde Mbekwa.
Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa, Loitasa II link:
ISBN: 9987521452
Thank you to E & D Vision Pub.
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