Karibuni kwenye Maktaba ya Elimu Yetu! Naitwa Brighid. Ujisikie huru kuwasiliana nami kama una maswali yoyote kuhusiana na tovuti hii. Pia ningependa kusikia maoni yako na ushauri. Nakutakia masomo ya thamani, mpendwa msomaji. Welcome to the Elimu Yetu Library! My name is Brighid. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this website. Also I would love to hear your opinions and advice. I wish you valuable lessons, dear reader!
Greetings to all! I'm Johnson John the Librarian at the Library of Elimu Yetu. Welcome to Maktaba.org, an online free education library. We always Feed our stomachs by eating food when we feel hunger and satisfy our thirst by drinking water, then how can we Feed our brains? The hunger and thirst of our brains comes from missing new knowledge and ideas, being unable to think deeply and lacking creativity and imagination. By reading books we can Feed Our Minds. There are very valuable things hidden in books which most people don't know. It is necessary and important that you build yourself a culture of reading books always and as much as you can. Of all the skills you'll ever learn growing up, arguably none are more important than the ability to read. Each book that you read is an opportunity to learn something new. Reading books: • increases your knowledge, • enables deep thinking, • adds creativity and imagination, • improves language skills, • increases memory • builds writing capacity, • makes you more intelligent, • improves empathy, • assists mental wellbeing, • removes mental stress, • enables you to spend time well and effectively • Helps you collect the thoughts and views of others. Also reading something is just as good as experiencing it, and all in all reading is really enjoyable. If you’re struggling to start reading, I John as a librarian encourage you to stick with it. Find some time to fit reading into your schedule everyday. Even if it is only ten minutes before you go to bed, you’ll still see a lot of the gains you’ll get from frequent reading. You can also use different software programs or visit our free education online library Maktaba.org and access different books and readings from any place you are in this universe. As you’ll see when you read on, obviously there are plenty of benefits that you get from reading, even more significant than the ones mentioned above. "Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. " - Barack Obama. All thanks to Elimu Yetu Development Organization & Teachana that has been a safe place for learning and generating new skills and ideas. The Library Service and Digital Library provides resources to support distance learners to read, study and consult information without any physical limits 24hrs/7days. I really love reading books to increase my knowledge and to become an even better librarian, and I'm looking forward to hearing readers’ advice and ideas, and discussing with everybody here, as well as to keeping in touch with fellow readers in other states. Feel free to friend me, I'd love to see, read and discuss what others are reading. For real, Maktaba.org has been helpful, and so far it has been a great place to connect and promote a culture of learning. FEED YOUR MIND. Thank you in advance. Asante. Welcome. Karibu. Bienvenue. Best wishes. Bonne chance.
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Leonard Joseph
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I'm salum Cassim yusuph from dar es salaam
I come from Arusha
Groups College
I'm a school teacher in Mombasa, Kenya. Mimi ni mwalimu jijini Mombasa.
Kwa majina naitwa Idd William Getere ni mwanachuo cha ualimu
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Naitwa Mosi Bakari Mnete, Nina umri wa miaka 25. Elimu niliyonayo ni shahada ya Sanaa na elimu ,hivo Mimi ni Mwalimu.
Francis kuki
Mimi ni mwananchi wa Burundi, pia mwalimu wa sekondara mwenye shahada ya chuo kikuu cha burundi ambaye hupenda daima lugha ya kiswahili.
Mwalimu mwenye shule ya awali