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Growing Rome - Kukua Rumi
Pages 60
Second English Reader for Swahili Scholars - Mlango Wa Pili Wa Kusoma Kiingereza
Written by Mandell Creighton
Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
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This book is public domain or creative commons
Jifunze kusoma kiingereza kupitia historia ya Jumhuri ya Roma na Dola ya Roma ya kale. Katibu hiki kilichapishwa mwaka 1897 kuwafunza wasomi Waswahili. Learn to read English through the history of the ancient Roman Republic and Roman Empire. This book was printed in the year 1897 to train Swahili scholars.
Consists of Creighton's History of Rome, Chap. I, 13-chap. Ii, with Vocabularies, Explanations, and Questions on the Subject Matter of Each Section.
Thank you to Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
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