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The Arusha Declaration
and TANU’s Policy on Socialism and Self-Reliance
Publisher: TANU en
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The Arusha Declaration is one of the most important political documents from Africa in the 20th century. It is known as Tanzania’s most prominent political statement of African Socialism, ‘Ujamaa’, or brotherhood. "We have chosen the wrong weapon for our struggle, because we chose money as our weapon. We are trying to overcome our economic weakness by using the weapons of the economically strong – weapons which in fact we do not possess. By our thoughts, words and actions it appears as if we have come to the conclusion that without money we cannot bring about the revolution we are aiming at. It is as if we have said, “Money is the basis of development. Without money, there can be no development... The development of a country is brought about by people, not by money. Money, and the wealth it represents, is the result and not the basis of development." The Arusha declaration is divided into five parts: The TANU “Creed”; The Policy of Socialism; The Policy of Self Reliance; the TANU Membership; and the Arusha Resolution. Part one of the Arusha Declaration, The TANU “Creed”, outlines the principles of socialism and the role of government: Part two of the Arusha Declaration focuses on socialism and some key features of socialism which include a policy of receiving a just return for one’s labour and the necessity for the leadership and control of major resources, services and government, to be in the hands of the working class. The policy of socialism, the TANU posits, “can only be implemented by people who firmly believe in its principles and are prepared to put them into practice” as well as “live by the principles of socialism in their day to day life” Part three of the Arusha Declaration espouses the importance of national self-reliance and debates the nature of development. Asserting that “A poor man does not use Money as a Weapon”, the Arusha Declaration identifies the heart of economic struggle: Part four of the Arusha Declaration, TANU Membership, stresses the importance of leadership’s commitment to the principles and objectives of the TANU and that “above all, the TANU is a party of Peasants and Workers”. This good leadership principle bleeds into Part five of the Arusha Declaration which states the role of government in this ideology to take action and steps to “implement the policy of Socialism and Self-reliance. -Adapted from Wikipedia
Translated by
Julius Kambarage Nyerere
Thank you to TANU
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