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Nyerere on Education - Nyerere kuhusu Elimu
Pages 212
3 copies
Ask someone what is education? and you are likely to get an image of a school building. Ask ‘ what is quality education?’ and you may get descriptions of clean buildings, orderly desks. study books and disciplined pupils. All these things are important. But Mwalimu Nyerere challenges us to think beyond. Because, for him, education is much more. This book is the second volume of Mwalimu collected writing on education. The collection spans 36 years, from 1961 to 1997. For Mwalimu, education was inextricably linked to development. It had to be relevant to the every life of people and to the challenges of the day. His was a transformative vision. Mwalimu challenged teachers,” Work for revolution. Do not fear revolution” He urged students to think, to ask questions, to analyze. Yet his was a constant battle with fellow teachers, leaders and bureaucrats- as this vision of education failed to be implemented. Why? Is the challenge any less today? Reading Mwalimu Nyerere today is to interrogate the present, and to learn the lessons of our history.
ISBN: 9987423167
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