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The Active Teaching and Learning Handbook
70 Learner-Centred Teaching Techniques to Engage and Motivate Tanzanian Students
Written by
Publisher Project Zawadi
Published 2016
Pages 44
Download 0.6 MB
This handbook is for teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of students, including academic performance on national examinations. It is a practical guide with 70 learner-centred teaching strategies. The handbook is meant to help the teachers make use of different LCTs in order to improve their teaching and the learning of their students. Great teachers change lives. They inspire. They motivate. They strive to perfect their craft – the art of teaching. Great teachers around the world use learner-centred teaching strategies (LCTs) to engage their students. These teachers understand the limitations of the traditional lecture style of learning where a teacher leads the entire lesson and the students quietly take notes, answer a few questions and go home to study. Teacher-centred teaching like this may expose students to topics in the national syllabus, but students are unlikely to understand the content if they are not actively engaged in the learning process. In contrast, LCTs encourage students to talk about what they are learning, to learn from one another and to improve their understanding and retention of the subject matter.
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