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The Makerspace Playbook
School Edition
Publisher The Maker Education Initiative
Published 2013
Pages 83
5.1 MB
Starting a makerspace can be daunting, whether it’s finding a facility and equipment, engaging community members, accessing funding, or dealing with liability, etc. The Makerspace Playbook aims to make it easier to launch a space and get a program up and running. The playbook covers various topics such as setting up a physical space, acquiring tools and equipment, creating a supportive community, engaging learners, and integrating making into education. It offers case studies, project ideas, and strategies for sustainability and growth.
Originally published in 2013, we welcome makers to update & contribute to this playbook. The majority of this Makerspace Playbook was written by the Makerspace team, including Michelle Hlubinka, Dale Dougherty, Parker Thomas, Stephanie Chang, Steve Hoefer, Isaac Alexander, Devon McGuire, with significant contributions from Aaron Vanderwerff, Barry Scott, and other MENTOR Makerspace pilot school teachers. Some sections were adapted from the Mini Maker Faire and Maker Club Playbooks written by Sabrina Merlo, Sherry Huss, Tony DeRose, Karen Wilkinson, Mike Petrich, Suzie Lee, Shawn Neely, Darrin Rice, and others. The development of this playbook was funded by MENTOR Makerspace, a project supported by an award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in support of its Manufacturing Experimentation and Outreach (MENTOR) program, an initiative aimed at introducing new design tools and collaborative practices of making to high school students. The MENTOR Makerspace program was developed by Dale Dougherty of Maker Media in partnership with Dr. Saul Griffith of Otherlab.
Thank you to The Maker Education Initiative
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