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Artificial Intelligence and Librarianship
2nd Edition
Written by Martin Frické
Publisher SoftOption
Published 2024
Pages 500
10.2 MB
Courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Librarianship in ALA-accredited Masters of Library and Information (MLIS) degrees are rare. We have all been surprised by ChatGPT and similar Large Language Models. Generative AI is an important new area for librarianship. It is also developing so rapidly that no one can really keep up. Those trying to produce AI courses for the MLIS degree need all the help they can get. This book is a gesture of support. It consists of about 95,000 words on the topic, with a 3-400 item bibliography.
Chatbot Assistant for this book: Assistant for AI and Librarianship (external link to OpenAI) There is a helper or assistant for the book. Essentially, this is an embedding of the book into a GPT. It can summarize, explain, or translate, passages in the book. It can answer questions. It can be a tutor for the book. It can do more-or-less anything that ChatGPT, for example, can do, but with a focus on this book. There will be other helpers for the book as the developer technologies become more widely available. Readers interested a helper or helpers can obtain them from
ISBN: 9780473686826
Thank you to SoftOption
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