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The Bright Continent: African Art History
Second Edition
Written by Kathy Curnow
Download 21.3 MB
This book is public domain or creative commons
This lengthy textbook with nearly 1000 images includes explorations of both "traditional" and "contemporary" African art through general discussion and case studies. The first chapter introduces Africa and its art, discussing materials and gender, and training and patronage. Chapter Two covers the elements and principles of design, and how to approach stylistic and contextual analysis. Chapter Three takes a thematic approach to African art, including numerous case studies, while Chapter Four explores how religions--traditional, Christian, and Muslim--have impacted art and looks at how different types of societies--nomadic, small-scale, and kingdom-based--favor various types of art. Appendices on note-taking and research are included. Significant original research is included. Maps; index. 668 pages.
Thank you to Kathy Curnow
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