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Kumbe! I Can Cook
Peace Corps Tanzania Cookbook
Publisher: Peace Corps Tanzania en
In some ways, cooking is a metaphor for Peace Corps service. You try new things, and you fail. You experiment some more, and you succeed! Sometimes you ‘re really proud of what you’ve accomplished, and other times, you’d rather forget about it. What it really boils down to is being open to the possibilities and trying new things, and this cookbook can guide you along the way -- at least in the jikoni. This cookbook is meant as a guide, not as a rule. Nothing in here needs to be followed exactly as stated, and if you want to change or alter a recipe, be free! A wise old PCV once said “cook with your eyes, nose, and mouth.” It’s true! You’re the one eating the food, so make it the way you like it! Some of the recipes call for pretty safi things that are only available in regional centers or Dar. This isn’t meant to frustrate you, it’s meant to give you a few more options when you’re in Dar for medical and you want to cook up something for your ex-pat host. Or if you want to stock up on goodies while you’re there and feast for a few weeks when you get back to your site. Plus, you’ll probably take this cookbook back to America where you’ll have more tools than you need and all the ingredients you can imagine available at your fingertips.
Brought to you by the Peace Corps/Tanzania medical team and your lovely 2012 editors, Danielle Alling and Trudy Cunningham
Thank you to Peace Corps Tanzania