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Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa (LOITASA)
Pages 222
1 copy
Written by Birgit Brock, Utne Zubeida Desai, Martha A. S. Qorro
Publisher: E & D Limited en
Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa (Loitasa).Volume 1 is the research part of the LOITASA project consists of two elements; one descriptive and one more action oriented. The description part is what this book seek to provide- a description of the current language in education situation in Tanzania and South Africa. Issues addressed include: What are the current policies regarding the language of instruction in the two countries? To what extent are the policies being implemented? What is the underlying reasoning behind the current policies? How have the policies developed over time ?How does the language in education policy actually work in the classrooms of Tanzania and South Africa?
Categories: ["Foreign Language Study / African Languages"] link: Edited by: Birgit Brock- Utne, Zubeda Desai and Martha Qorro
ISBN: 9987622534
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