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Animation for the Web: A Guide to Advanced CSS and Animation Techniques
Written by Rosemary Barke
Publisher LibreTexts
Published 2019
Pages 71
9.7 MB
Welcome to the wonderful world of CSS Animations! In this textbook by Rosemary Barker, we will be looking at manipulating HTML objects in 2D. These topics will be explored: (1) Transforms Transitions and Eases, (2) Keyframe Animations, (3) Clip-paths and Shapes Variables, and (4) SVG Graphics Tools of the Trade Using Greensock (a JavaScript Library) for Animations. Web animations are everywhere! You’ll find animations used to call attention to a particular item on a page or to confirm an action the viewer just took. Animations can give the viewer the sense of a real-world experience (like flipping the page in a book), or they can quickly explain how to bake a cake. In the following sections, we’ll look at how these animations work a bit more closely. Let’s go!
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