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Computer Fundamentals for Technical students and Employed Professionals
Written by Nick Heisserer
Illustrator Nick Heisserer
Published 2020
Pages 235
Download 7.7 MB
Computers are amazing devices that have transformed our world. This text was created to provide students enrolled in Technical Education Programs or professionals in business and industry with contextual learning opportunities to develop the necessary computer skills to function in the 21st-century workforce in a non-IT technical field. Topics and skills provided in this text include using and changing the Windows desktop; downloading software from the internet; the file hierarchy and saving files; using the basic functions of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software to create and format documents; the use of email clients to send messages; how to attach documents and organize tasks; connecting to and using the internet; searching the web effectively; working with sounds and picture files, and understanding privacy issues and how to prevent identity theft when using computers and the internet. In addition, content regarding Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel will be covered in great depth.
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