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Visuals for Influence
in project management and beyond
Publisher University of Southern Queensland
Published 2021
Pages 141
4.3 MB
‘Visuals for influence: in project management and beyond’ is a practical guide with 24 visuals to download, adapt and deploy to engage your stakeholders. This practical guide will build your confidence and practical skills to quickly and effectively leverage the benefits of visuals to maximise your influence.
Dr Bronte van der Hoorn is a project management academic with a strong practice background. Her project management experience ranges from government, to finance, and education with a particular focus on stakeholder and change management. Bronte uses visuals extensively in her own work and alongside her research interest in this area, she is committed to supporting other project managers to build their visualisation skills. Bronte publishes in international peer-reviewed project management journals and presents her research at various forums across the globe. Bronte can be contacted at
ISBN: 9780648769866
Thank you to University of Southern Queensland
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