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Ars Amatoria: The Art of Love
Written by Ovid
Published 1930
Pages 119
Download 1.1 MB
The Ars Amatoria (English: The Art of Love) is a series of instructional poems in three books, written by the ancient Roman poet Ovid over 2000 years ago. Book one of Ars Amatoria was written to show a man how to find a woman. In book two, Ovid shows how to keep her. The third book, written two years after the first books were published, gives women advice on how to win and keep the love of a man. The first two books, aimed at men, contain sections which cover such topics as 'not forgetting her birthday', 'letting her miss you - but not for long' and 'not asking about her age'. The third gives similar advice to women, sample themes include: 'making up, but in private', 'being wary of false lovers' and 'trying young and older lovers'. Although the book was finished around 2 AD, much of the advice he gives is applicable to any day and age. (adapted from Wikipedia)
Cover art from Fresco in the House of the Golden Bracelet, Pompeii
Translated by
James Lewis May
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Source: Wikisource
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