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Chicken 101
Pages 138
Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities
Written by Jonathan Moyle
Publisher: University of Maryland Extension en
Chickens can be found throughout the world, and are efficient at converting feed stocks into high quality protein High quality protein is important for normal development in children Developing poultry production not only increases food security and nutrition but also improves financial stability Because of its low cost to start and operate, along with its potential to improve lives, poultry production is one of the most common beginning farm ventures in the world Modern genetics can improve local poultry production Modern breeds can reach market weigh in less than 3 months Today's laying hens are capable of producing over 300 eggs per hen per year Eggs shells can be many colors including: white, brown, blue, green and olive The color of the egg shell does not affect the egg quality Bird well-been (welfare) should always be considered when starting poultry project Consider the Five Freedoms before you start Freedom from Hunger and Thirst Freedom from Discomfort Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease Freedom to Express Normal Behavior Freedom from Fear and Distress
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