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Kitabu cha Paul Morris Mwerondo
Illustrator Paul Morris Mwerondo
Published 2022
Pages 87
77.4 MB
Kitabu hiki kilitengenezwa na Elimu Yetu pamoja na marafiki na ndugu za Paul, kwa kusudi la kutunza kumbukumbu za Paul, ili vizazi vijao wahamasishwe na kazi na maisha yake. This book was made by Elimu Yetu, together with Paul's students, friends, relatives, for the purpose of preserving his memory, so that future generations can be inspired his work and his life. Ce livre a été réalisé par Elimu Yetu, avec les étudiants, les amis et la famille de Paul, dans le but de préserver sa mémoire, afin que les générations futures puissent s'inspirer de ses œuvres et de sa vie.
Kiswahili, English & Français Pictures of Paul, his art, and his writing
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