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General History of Africa - Volume 8 - Africa Since 1935
Pages 1025
Unabridged Edition
Written by Christophe Wondji, Ali A. Mazrui
Publisher: UNESCO en
Download 62.7 MB
This book is public domain or creative commons
One of UNESCO's most important publishing projects in the last thirty years, the General History of Africa marks a major breakthrough in the recognition of Africa's cultural heritage. Offering an internal perspective of Africa, the eight-volume work provides a comprehensive approach to the history of ideas, civilizations, societies and institutions of African history. The volumes also discuss historical relationships among Africans as well as multilateral interactions with other cultures and continents.
No abridged edition has been published in English, so there may be some differences between the Kiswahili and English versions of this book.
ISBN: 9231027581
Thank you to UNESCO Digital Library
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