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Health Management, Ethics and Research
Pages 222
Written by HEAT Health Education and Training Programme
Publisher: The Open University en
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This book is public domain or creative commons
The Health Management, Ethics and Research Module brings together three important aspects of your work that underpin the practical activities described in the other Modules of the programme. There are 16 study sessions in this Module covering health management, healthcare ethics and health research. Some people think of management as the responsibility of senior personnel in an organisation; we may think of the ‘boss’ as the manager. In practice, management is a fundamental part of many jobs, including yours as a Health Extension Worker or Practitioner. You need to plan and organise your work and the activities at your Health Post. You will be coordinating and leading volunteers from your community. You will be implementing health programmes and monitoring their outcomes. All these are aspects of management and they are described and explained in this Module.
This book was created for students of an online course from the Open University, UK. Anyone can take this course free online here: Free class in Health Management, Ethics and Research Creative Commons 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: HEAT)
Thank you to Health Education and Training Programme (HEAT) and the Open University UK
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