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Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of American Independence
Written by Benson John Lossing
Publisher Evans, Stoddart and Co., Philadelphia
Published 1870
41.7 MB
This book is public domain or creative commons
There are lessons of deep, abiding interest, and of inestimable value, to be learned in studying the lives of the men who perilled their all to secure the blessed inheritance of free institutions which we now enjoy. We do not learn merely the dignity and sacredness of pure patriotism, by following them in their career amid tho storms of the Revolution, but all the virtues which adorn humanity are presented in such bold relief, in the private and public actions of that venerated company, that when we rise from a perusal of a narrative of their lives, we feel as if all the noble qualities of our common manhood had been passing before us in review, and challenging our profound reverence.
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