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Farmer Boy
Publisher: Harper Collins en
The second of the Little House Books, Farmer Boy follows the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder's future husband as a boy. Even though very young, he has to help on the farm and occasionally gets to go to school. - Faded Page Farmer Boy was published in 1933. It is the second Little House book, although its story is unrelated to the first few books in the series. It features a different protagonist named Almanzo Wilder, who later became Laura’s husband. In Farmer Boy, Almanzo is featured from before his ninth birthday until after his tenth. Throughout the novel, Laura recounts the experiences and adventures of Almanzo in his late childhood and adolescence. Living in a successful farm in the state of New York in the late 19th century, Almanzo endures hardships such as the long 1.5 mi (2.4 km) walk to school with his older siblings. Through Farmer Boy, readers catch a glimpse of the daily routine of early farmers, and learn about activities such as candle making, shearing sheep, threshing wheat, and even making donuts. The story also walks readers through Almanzo’s favorite pastimes, which include sledding, berry picking, swimming, and fishing. - Wikipedia
DOWNLOAD PDF This book is not public domain in the United States yet, so we can't host the file. However, since 50 years have passed since the author's death, this book is public domain in many countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Canada, and China. Look up your country's copyright laws here. You can download the book in several ebook formats from Faded Page Canada
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