has sponsored the creation of 3 pickleball courts in Arusha, Tanzania
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We can encourage and support one another to learn Swahili. Language apps can be very helpful, but also it is nice to share progress and ask questions.
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Together we can learn Swahili, a language spoken in East Africa by more than 300 million people, including in Tanzania and Kenya.

We can share tips, resources and make posts announcing progress.
Updated 7mo ago
I like: Napenda
I liked: nilipenda
You like: unapenda
You liked: ulipenda
He/she likes: anapenda 
He/she liked: alipenda
They like: wanapenda
They liked: walipenda
We like: tunapenda 
We liked: tulipenda

I don't like: sipendi 
You don't like: hupendi
He/she doesn't like: hapendi
They don't like: hawapendi
We don't like: hatupendi 

I have: Nina
You have: una
He has: ana
They have: Wana
We have: Tuna

I don't have: Sina
You don't have: huna
He/she doesn't have: hana
They don't have: hawana
We don't have: hatuna

I need: nahitaji
You need: unahitaji
He/she needs: anahitaji
They need: Wanahitaji
We need: Tunahitaji

I needed: nilihitaji
You needed: ulihitaji
He/she needed: 
They needed: walihitaji
We needed: tulihitaji

I don't need: sihitaji
You don't need: huhitaji
He/she doesn't need: haitaji
They don't need: hawahitaji
We don't need: hatuhitaji
Updated 7mo ago
  • Today: leo
  • Tomorrow: kesho
  • Yesterday: jana
  • Now: sasa
  • Later: baadaye
  • Every day: kila siku
  • Monday: Jumatatu
  • Tuesday: Jumanne
  • Wednesday: Jumatano
  • Thursday: Alhamisi
  • Friday: Ljumaa
  • Saturday: Jumamosi
  • Sunday: Jumapili
  • 1: moja
  • 2: mbili
  • 3: tatu
  • 4: nne
  • 5: tano
  • 6: sita
  • 7: saba
  • 8: nane
  • 9: tisa
  • 10: kumi
  • 11: kumi na moja (ten and one)
  • 12: kumi na mbili (ten and two)
  • 20: ishirini
  • 21: ishirni na moja (twenty and one)
  • 30: thelathini
  • 40: arobaini
  • 50: hamsini
  • 60: sitini
  • 70: sabini
  • 80: themanini
  • 90: tisini
  • 100: mia
  • 200: mia mbili
  • 1000: elfu
  • 100,000: laki

Updated 7mo ago
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