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Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Pages 102
1 copy
Guide Book
Written by David Bygott, Jeannette Hanby
Publisher: Haria's Tropix en
This guidebook describes the whole of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the NCA. Separate chapters give general information on the NCA, its geology and history, all its major zones, and basic information for visitors. There is a reading list and index at the end. Maps of the NCA and Crater are easily found in the centre of the book... This guidebook covers: -The Ngorongoro Crater -The Highland and Forests -Serengeti Plains -Olduvai Gorge -Ndutu -Wild Animals and Plants of the Area -Geology -Prehistory of the Area -People of Ngorongoro -Visitor Information
ISBN: 9966714618
Thank you to Haria's Tropix
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