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Our Little Soldiers
Publisher Texas Children’s Global Health Network, Baylor College of Medicine
Published 2010
Pages 30
4.4 MB
A short picturebook for children living with HIV. Across cultures storytelling is a vehicle used to both educate and entertain. To educate children living with HIV we often employ storytelling. Over time we have found that explaining HIV through a friendly narrative is best for getting the child to understand their condition and partake in our prescribed treatment. Little Soldiers familiarizes children with the key facts about HIV and the treatment of HIV. When children read it at home, it will further illustrate why taking their medications is important and support medication adherence. The book will help HIV positive children discuss and relate to their illness at home with their family and loved ones with colorful illustrations and an engaging storyline.
Thank you to Texas Children’s Global Health Network, Baylor College of Medicine
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