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Uamuzi - Decision
Bilingual Edition
Written by Ursula Nafula
Illustrator Vusi Malindi
Publisher: African Storybook Project
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This book is public domain or creative commons
Kijiji chetu kina matatizo mengi. Tufanyeje? Our village has lots of problems. What will we do?
Kitabu hiki cha lugha mbili kinatoka African Storybook. Ukitaka kutengeneza kitabu cha nakala ngumu, pakua toleo la kuchapisha. Ukitaka kusoma kwa Kiswahili pekee: Pakua PDF au Nisomee kwa Sauti This bilingual book comes from African Storybook. If you want to make your own hard-copy book, download the printable version. If you want to read in English only: Download PDF or Read Aloud Creative Commons 4.0
Translated by
Ursula Nafula
Thank you to Global Storybook Project
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